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      Contact Us

      • Phone:13854975335
        Contact Person:JianGuo Sun
      • Fax:0539-5299888
      • Website:
      • helylee520@163.com
        Skype: helylee424
      • North of the 206 Highway, Lanling Economic Develop Zone, Linyi City, Shandong Province, China

      Company Profile

      Current Position:Home>Company Profile

         Located in Lanling County, Linyi City, Shandong Province, our company is engaged in tubulation, and was the first steel and iron enterprise in the city. With a total investment amounting to 95 million yuan, Cangshan Xiang Di Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. covers an area of 12,600㎡ and owns a total of 500 employees, including 70 technical staff.
        We introduced 10 assembly lines with Japanese production technologies, boosting the annual production to 300,000 tons of pipes and tubes, equaling to the revenue of 1.2 billion yuan. The OD of the pipes ranges from 114mm to 273mm, and the products can be widely used in the industries of mechanical equipments, petrochemicals and petroleum.
        ShanDong Xiang Di Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. has so far established long-term cooperative supplying relationships with dozens of professional enterprises both at home and abroad. More than 80% of the company&rsquo;s products are exported to the developed countries, such as Japan and the US.

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